REFINE - From solar energy to fuel: A holistic artificial photosynthesis platform for the production of viable solar fuels


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Maike Keil

Junior professorship for risk perception and communication


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Advancing climate change is giving rise to a large number of current social challenges, such as the decarbonization of the energy supply and the development of sustainable alternatives. In the field of mobility, air traffic, which is difficult to electrify, represents a particular challenge that must be met by developing alternative fuels. In the REFINE research project, an interdisciplinary team with experts from various fields such as materials science, biotechnology, engineering, and social sciences is working together to research future solar fuels.

The goal of the project is to create a holistic platform for researching environmentally friendly solar fuels obtained through artificial photosynthesis. With the help of sunlight, high-energy alcohol is produced from hydrogen and already existing CO2 as an alternative fuel. In addition to technological development, our focus is on research into social acceptance and risk perception with regard to this innovative technology. As part of the four-year project, RISK will examine risk perceptions of manufacturing infrastructure and solar fuels and develop communication efforts.


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